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Sustainable Energy


Integrating purpose into the DNA of your organisation

What is the most effective way to ensure sustainability in all aspects of your business? Investing in a sustainable future benefits your company, community, and society. When it comes to sustainability, we've reached a tipping point. It's time for your company to decide whether it wants to be part of the solution or part of the problem. What does this imply?

Businesses are now expected to stake a claim in terms of environmental and social practises. However, words and intentions are insufficient to make an impact. Sustainability must be woven into the core of your organization's purpose and values, and tangible, meaningful action must accompany your words. And you must do it for all aspects of your business.

Previously, sustainability simply meant that you were a curator of the environment. Now, sustainability entails being a curator of everything, from your employees to your customers to society as a whole. This means that sustainability must pervade everything you do. It's not just a project for one department in your company; it's a movement that cuts across roles, responsibilities, and silos. And if you want to build a resilient, successful business in the long run, you must fully participate in the sustainability movement on all fronts.

We recognise that sustainability impacts every aspect of your business, from transportation to supply chain to human resources. We've assisted organisations like yours in embarking on a transformational journey, establishing the leadership, talent, policies, and culture required to support your ESG strategies—from net zero carbon and other climate programmes to diversity and inclusion initiatives and digital solutions. We collaborate with you to create a circular economy that maximises the worth of your resources. We also assist you in forming a team of teams to address the challenges and recognise the opportunities that a more holistically sustainable organisation provides.

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How we can help

Our sustainability experts provide a comprehensive range of talent solutions, including organisational design, assessment and succession planning, talent acquisition, leadership development, and rewards and benefits consulting. We assist you in developing a disruptive sustainability function that is ready to focus the business on an environmental and social agenda, thereby shifting your operating model and ways of working to provide a competitive advantage.

Here are some of the challenges we can help you address:

Finding the best sustainability talent

The demand for talent in sustainability functions is increasing and shows no signs of abating. However, many organisations have underinvested in sustainability for many years, leaving them with a talent pool that may not be well-equipped to lead an ESG movement into the future. We assist you in ensuring that you have talent that is aligned with your purpose and values and is ready to advance your social and environmental strategies. We are able to:

  • Create a common language and framework for understanding talent to ensure alignment between business strategies and sustainability efforts, including values and purpose.

  • Determine the characteristics, motivators, competencies, and experience associated with success in sustainability-related roles.

  • Identify a diverse pool of prospective employees by utilising our rigorous, data-driven assessments.

  • Reskill and upskill talent in the skills required to carry out your transformation.

Creating a pipeline of future leaders

A successful sustainability movement necessitates visionary and inspiring leadership. Sustainable organisations require resilient leaders who understand the issues at hand, can predict what will happen next, and can collaborate, negotiate, and exert influence over multiple stakeholders. They must be courageous and resilient, ready to integrate sustainability into the ways your organisation does business. Our consultants work with you to ensure that you have current and future leaders who are capable of accelerating progress toward your objectives. We:

  • Determine opportunities for learning by assessing your high potentials' strengths and skill gaps. Create a training programme that develops leadership and soft skills to equip future leaders.

  • Examine new high-potential hires' leadership competencies, personality traits, and commitment to your mission to ensure they are a cultural fit.

Increasing employee engagement

Sustainability and ESG can only succeed if your leaders and employees are fully engaged and committed. And, in order to succeed in sustainability, these issues cannot be treated as one-offs; rather, ESG must be embedded in the purpose of every team. We collaborate with employees at all levels of your organisation to ensure that everyone understands how their work contributes to your organization's mission of becoming more sustainable. When an employee's inner purpose aligns with the larger purpose of your organisation, it unlocks their motivation to perform, innovate, and grow. We collaborate with you to:

  • Define a purpose, mission, and vision that are in line with the culture and business goals of your organisation.

  • Set long-term ESG and carbon neutrality targets.

  • With our Inclusive Leader Program, you can advise leaders on how to foster a mindset that values diversity and inclusion.

Choosing the appropriate rewards and compensation structure

It is difficult to strike a balance between incentivizing, fair, and transparent rewards. However, if your employees do not believe their rewards are fair, they will become disengaged and will not follow through on their commitments. But what about a well-understood reward strategy that aligns with your business imperatives and values? That is what generates engagement—as well as business results. We assist you in developing a reward structure that motivates employees and recognises their contributions. This is how we do it:

  • Ensure that your rewards programme fosters loyalty and overcomes short-term thinking.

  • Create a reward framework that meets the needs and expectations of employees at various stages of their career.

  • Make certain that your employees understand the big picture of your compensation and benefits strategy, as well as how they fit into it.

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