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Supply Chain

Increasing global capabilities by optimising complex networks

Discovering new ways to add value to your supply chain. Previously, an organization's supply chain specialists took centre stage only when something went horribly wrong. However, technology has pushed the supply chain to the forefront, allowing organisations to track the location of goods around the world in real time, forecast how a viral social post will affect demand, and predict the impact of a natural disaster on the availability and price of a component. When an organization's supply chain is optimised, it can truly become a competitive advantage.

However, an optimised supply chain necessitates talent with a diverse skill set that is difficult to identify—and even more difficult to find. Supply chain leaders must be strategic thinkers, planners, and collaborators with a diverse set of skills, including vision, results orientation, and a blend of soft skills. They must also have cross-functional experience in product innovation, business acumen, current automation, and system technologies, among other things. That's where we come in.

Our Supply Chain Center of Excellence operates as a boutique practise within the larger RightSource Global network, bringing deep functional expertise and capability to our industry and regional coverage matrix. We were, in fact, the first major search firm to establish a supply chain and operations practise.

Our skilled organisational consultants can assist your supply chain function in attracting, developing, and retaining top-tier executives and their direct reports. We will also assist you in developing a strong organisational culture as well as top-to-bottom supply chain talent frameworks that will drive your bottom-line success.

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How we can help

To meet your specialised talent needs, our Supply Chain & Operations Center of Expertise brings together a team of consultants who leverage their functional expertise and market knowledge in supply chain, distribution, logistics, and operational management.

To identify and recruit top supply chain talent, we provide an international team of experienced talent and organisational consultants, the industry's most extensive lead database, and innovative recruitment technologies. While we work with clients from all industries, we specialise in industrial, healthcare and life sciences, consumer, finance, and technology.

Here are some of the challenges we can help you address:

Quickly locating the right people

The demand for supply chain jobs is six times greater than the supply. As a result, competition for top talent is fierce, particularly for differentiating skill sets such as data scientists and supply chain professionals with advanced analytics skills. Our consultants will assist you in:

  • Create a customised Success Profile that identifies all of the skills required to work in a complex, increasingly digital supply chain environment. Gain access to new pools of diverse supply chain talent through our unparalleled global access to high-caliber candidates.

  • Examine candidates for the skills required to excel now and in the future, such as agility.

Leading digital transformation

The supply chain, like every other aspect of business, is going digital. Digitization of the supply chain enables agility and speed while maintaining control and oversight. Ongoing digital transformations and automation necessitate a new type of leader with skills that differ from what has traditionally defined supply chain and operational excellence. Our organisational consultants will help you:

  • Make a plan for your future talent.

  • Determine the competencies and skills required to carry out a digital transformation.

  • Create a digital talent strategy, structures, and processes, as well as organisational design and job architectures.

Finding the next generation of supply chain executives

In this highly competitive, ever-changing market, having capable leadership is critical to long-term business success. Through a variety of succession planning initiatives, we work with clients to build their bench of future leaders. We can assist you with:

  • Determine the leadership skills needed to support the future operating model.

  • Using a customised assessment tool, evaluate existing talent to identify high potentials. Profile of Success

  • Identify, screen, present, and place emerging leaders in single managed search projects as well as multiple managed search projects.

Improving employee engagement

When it comes to building digital capability in the supply chain and retaining high potential candidates, businesses face daunting challenges. Supply chain experts are difficult to find and retain. Many younger candidates become easily bored when they believe they are not progressing, so they will require new challenges and ongoing development opportunities. We collaborate with you to:

  • Analyze your current culture to identify the enablers and barriers to innovation and growth.

  • Create a strategy for actively rewarding innovation through awards, recognition, and compensation.

  • Support the redesign of organisational and business models to facilitate the integration of digitally enabled supply chain processes.

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