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Employing customer and market understanding to improve customer experience and drive growth

Marketing is no longer just about pushing brands and products. It is a highly complex discipline that is analytically grounded and digitally enabled. Marketing is a rapidly evolving function that is inextricably linked to the rest of the business and directly linked to business outcomes.

Our marketing consultants can assist executives in leveraging sophisticated analytics and consistently creating personalised customer experiences across sales and media channels to engage customers at every stage of their journey.

As marketing consultants, we understand how difficult it is for organisations to find a new breed of marketing leaders. Chief marketing officers (CMOs) must have deep business acumen, financial savvy, and exceptional cross-functional leadership ability in addition to expertise in areas such as brand, analytics, performance marketing/lead generation, and customer experience.

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How our marketing consultants can assist?

More than 200 global companies have worked with our marketing advisors to optimise their marketing function over the last five years. Our marketing officers practise is a globally connected, highly collaborative community steeped in the complexities of the evolving marketing function.

Our integrated solution framework assists CMOs and their organisations in developing impactful marketing organisations that align with strategic objectives. Optimizing organisational structure, defining capabilities and leadership competencies for critical roles, identifying and developing leaders, facilitating change management, increasing diversity, and other solutions are examples of solutions. We provide talent solutions that assist CMOs in transforming their marketing organisation into a curious, agile, performance-oriented, and purpose-driven organisation.

Here are just some of the challenges our marketing advisors can help you address:

Overcoming a shortage of well-qualified marketing talent

More than a third of CMOs believe that the most difficult challenge in building a world-class marketing team is a lack of talent. And, among the available candidates, it is frequently difficult to find organisations' most-needed capability: analytics skills. This is where we step in. Our consultants are capable of:

  • Upskill and reskill candidates to develop talent from within.

  • Make sure you have a clear, authentic purpose that will attract top candidates.

  • Find innovative ways to fill talent gaps, such as looking outside the industry or collaborating across functions, to address high-demand capabilities.

Creating a pipeline of potential marketing leaders with a diversity focus

CMOs have the shortest tenure of any C-suite executive: 4.1 years. Problematically, when your CMO leaves, there is likely to be no one to replace them: 84 percent of CMOs believe there is no ready-to-go successor. As a result, 80 percent of CMOs prioritise developing future leadership talent. We can assist you with:

  • Identify marketing experts who can provide operational efficiency while also being agile enough to capitalise on growth opportunities.

  • Assess talent to identify potential leaders who possess the necessary skills and competencies to thrive in a leadership position.

  • Ensure that high-potential employees are cross-trained in a variety of HR disciplines.

Managing the marketing function's digital transformation

Almost half (43 percent) of CMOs said that leveraging digital tools and processes is their primary strategy for preparing for success in a changing workplace. However, two-thirds of organisations are undergoing or have not begun their digital transformation. Here's how we can help to speed up and facilitate change:

  • Determine what digital skills your marketing department requires now and in the future.

  • Find the right people to assist with digital transformation efforts such as data science, digital technology, content creation, and social community management.

  • Create an employer brand and cultivate the right culture to attract and retain digitally savvy employees.

Increasing marketing and business organisational alignment

Almost half of CMOs believe that improving alignment with business objectives is the most important way to increase efficiency. The most successful marketing teams are agile, able to flex with the needs of the moment and with each project, both within and outside of the marketing department. Here is how we improve your alignment:

  • Ensure that your organisational purpose is clear and consistent not only with your mission and vision, but also with how your company actually operates.

  • Restructure the organisational structure and critical roles to reflect your new business model.

  • Determine which marketing tasks should be outsourced and which should be handled in-house.

We help develop and recruit teams in the following areas across the function:

  • Brand

  • Digital marketing

  • Customer experience

  • Performance marketing/demand and lead generation

  • E-commerce (digital commerce) 

  • Data, analytics and insights

  • Integrated marketing including advertising/marketing communications/sponsorships

  • Content marketing

  • Social media

  • Martech

  • Strategy/growth/business development

  • CRM/loyalty

  • Product development & innovation

  • Creative

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