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Executive Concierge Service

Find your dream job scientifically.

RightSource Global's only-by-invite Premium Discreet Executive Concierge  Service is directed towards achieving a discreet career transition and attracting global career opportunities through personal brand building, subtle profile presentation to the right opportunities, emerging as a Thought Leader in the Industry. This is the first of its kind service provided by any Executive Search Firm in India.

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Executive Concierge Service: Services

ECS Detials

This is an only-by-invite discreet Premium Service for Seniour Professionals to subtly search for the dream role they are looking at.

It takes much more than a "Resume" for a senior folk to get a new role in this complex VUCA era. This webinar will give you an understanding of what we have to offer to you with ECS.

ECS Provides:

  • Personal Brand Building Suite. 

  • Independent Directors' Program. 

  • Profile Creation. 

  • Website Building.

  • Executive Coaching. 

  • Life Coaching. 

  • Article post package. 

  • And much more....

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