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Corporate Affairs

This is a very important function for any organisation.

Financial Report

Financial Officers

Success as a financial officer is more than just numbers. Increased regulation, new calls for transparency, rapid technological advances, and uncertain economic and geopolitical conditions are all putting pressure on finance teams. That means that excelling as a financial officer today requires more than just knowledge of the money.

High-level financial officers must have an impressive—and difficult-to-find—skill set. They require both strategic financial skills in capital planning, mergers and acquisitions, business planning, investor relations, tax and financial planning and analysis, and business acumen. They must be capable of growing a business in the face of disruption and managing change. At the same time, they are in charge of ensuring the accuracy of the organization's financial situation and reported results. They are ultimately responsible for increasing shareholder value by controlling risks and managing costs—while also withstanding scrutiny from regulators, boards of directors, and shareholders.

Our solutions assist organisations like yours in addressing the pressing issue of finding qualified finance professionals. We offer strategic search services and competency-based assessments to ensure that your hires are the perfect fit for your organisation and its culture, whether you are a public or private equity-backed organisation, a venture capital firm, a startup, or a nonprofit. With engaging, interactive high-potential leadership development programmes, one-on-one coaching, and strategic talent design, we also assist you in developing a solid succession plan.

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Government Affairs

With increasingly complex governmental oversight and operating environments around the world, regulators and legislators have far more say and influence over how your company operates at home and abroad.
RSG's Corporate Affairs Center of Expertise is uniquely qualified to help you find Government Affairs talent. All of our search consultants have previous government and political experience, understand the complexities and nuances of these specialty roles, and have strong connections to the best talent in government affairs, regulatory, public policy, and corporate affairs. Our team works with a diverse range of clients and professionals at all levels – from local to global – ranging from corporations to advocacy organisations, including non-profits and trade associations. These evolving roles may include duties in advocacy communications, public affairs, public policy, regulatory affairs, government relations, legislative affairs, alliance development, and corporate social responsibility/philanthropy – in short, anything that affects or enhances the organization's or firm's reputation and strategic effectiveness.

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Corporate Communication

In today's dynamic and chaotic operating environment, managing your organization's image and narrative across all stakeholders is more important than ever.

The Chief Communications Officer assists the C-suite in driving alignment through impactful and consistent messaging delivered via media, digital, and social channels. RSG's Corporate Affairs Center of Expertise has placed Chief Communications Officers at 70 percent of the Fortune 500, 50 percent of the Global 1000, the most prestigious academic and non-governmental organisations, and top trade associations.

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Investor Relations

Investor Relations Officers (IROs) are essential C-Suite advisors today, translating and communicating company goals and performance in an increasingly complex investor environment.

Top IROs have strong financial skills, are well-versed in the industry, and have solid working relationships with Wall Street. RSG's Specialty Practice has placed Investor Relations Officers (IROs) at the world's most valuable organisations (across all leading indexes – Dow, NASDAQ, FTSE, etc.) and has experience placing IR leaders across all industry sectors and at various stages, including pre-IPO, SPACs, spin-offs, and companies undergoing transformation and resetting their investment narratives.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Consumers and investors are increasingly scrutinising how businesses operate and behave in the marketplace.

Organizations are increasingly being asked to provide greater transparency in how they operate and the impact of their business on society, whether it's the use of natural resources, positions on helping improve communities, or operating values. Korn Ferry's Corporate Affairs Center of Expertise has successfully placed Corporate Social Responsibility, or Social Impact, leadership at many of the world's most admired organisations and understands how this role is evolving across industry sectors and geographies.

Corporate Affairs: Features

How we can help

Our Financial Officer Center of Expertise assists you in attracting, developing, and retaining chief financial officers and senior finance executives with world-class leadership, finance, and operational capabilities. We use a large database and extensive industry coverage to find qualified outside talent, and we provide smart solutions for identifying and developing talent from within. We develop comprehensive organisational solutions to train, support, compensate, and retain these financial leaders once they are in place. This ensures that you have a solid talent foundation that will maximise your organization's productivity while also ensuring a secure financial future.

Here are some of the challenges we can assist you with:

Recruiting, hiring, and retaining top financial talent:

The need to balance planned growth with shrinking margins means organisations are looking for agile and strategic finance leadership that can excel in the face of change as convergence, consolidation, and globalisation redefine the finance function. However, this talent is difficult to come by, and the market is extremely competitive. Finding outside candidates necessitates extensive industry knowledge and strong relationships.

Our experts can assist you with:

  • Make a distinct employee value proposition that attracts and motivates top talent.

  • Utilize our proprietary talent sourcing, development, and assessment databases, methods, and tools to identify and engage the right emerging leaders to support your business goals.

  • Ensure a cultural fit and increase the likelihood of a successful placement by providing you with a complete picture of each candidate through the use of our proprietary assessments.

Creating a comprehensive financial leadership succession plan: 

It is critical to be able to identify qualified internal CFO candidates and develop a thoughtful succession strategy. However, because most organisations do not focus on developing their leadership pipeline, they lack confidence that there is a ready-now successor for their position.

We can assist you with:

  • Using our Success Profiles, evaluate your talent to see if you have the skills required for the future.

  • Determine how to divide your resources between developing high-potential candidates and bringing in outside leaders to fill your bench.

  • Create a leadership development programme that increases the capabilities, contributions, and impact of the finance function.

Leading efforts to increase diversity and inclusion: 

Despite campaigns to attract and hire more diverse candidates, financial services teams struggle to find qualified candidates of colour and women. We assist you in developing a more systematic approach to diversity and inclusion.

  • Using data-driven diagnostics, identify and eliminate exclusionary preferential patterns as well as unconscious bias.

  • Through customised learning journeys, enable leaders and employees to recognise and mitigate bias in order to improve behavioural inclusion.

  • Provide high-impact career advancement programmes for underrepresented talent segments in order to create a diverse pipeline of future leaders.

Leading the financial sector's digital transformation:

To thrive in today's competitive environment, the finance function must develop technological literacy. Financial leaders must understand how to use technology to collect and analyse data in real time in order to make decisions and streamline processes. We assist you in developing the key frameworks required for digital transformation:

  • Create a culture that encourages digitalization, including risk-taking, so that you can fully capitalise on the power of financial technology.

  • Assess and develop the skills required to form an agile team of financial professionals, such as the ability to grow and innovate, as well as interpersonal skills.

  • Create a strong employer brand to attract qualified talent and engage current team members more deeply.

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