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We at RightSource Global are a team of dedicated and passionate innovators who want to create an impact globally. Knowing the power technology has in today’s world, we have been at the forefront of digital change since 2009.

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What we offer?

A Complete Business Solution

RightSource Global operates three divisions. Each division specializes in its own activities and speaks with other divisions to give a seamless solution to the clients.

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Business Incubation

We offer a suite of reliable, responsive, flexible and proven incubation services that deliver differentiated value to businesses.

Digital Transformation

Craft scalable and responsive digital solutions by applying robust architectures and frameworks.

Talent Management

Proven talent acquisition practices to help you stay ahead. We work on multi-dimensional roles across niche skills & domains globally.

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Our Initiatives

At RightSource Global, we’ve worked hard to offer smart, flexible and affordable services that benefit all of our customers. No matter what your needs are, our team of experts will go out of their way to customize our solutions to exceed your expectations. Browse through our list of services, and call us today to book an introductory meeting.

Independent Directors' Institute

Independent Directors' Institute (IDI) is an initiative by RightSource Global (RSG). RSG has three different business units (Consulting, Global Talent Management & Digital labs) that collaborate and work in tandem to ensure that we deliver the best experience to our clients. Keeping our clients at the forefront of innovation, we guarantee that they are globally competitive. With multiple projects with clients from across the globe under our belt, we have made a considerable impact on how businesses and organisations function worldwide. We envision a world that works for everyone; We seek to make it happen through our technologically advanced products, solutions, services, and execution.

Global Thought Leaders

Global Thought Leaders is an esteemed platform for the industry stalwarts to share their thoughts, ideas, and best practices to cross-pollinate with knowledge and also inspire future leaders.

Executive Concierge Service

RightSource Global's only-by-invite Premium Discreet Executive Concierge  Service is directed towards achieving a discreet career transition and attracting global career opportunities through personal brand building, subtle profile presentation to the right opportunities, emerging as a Thought Leader in the Industry. This is the first of its kind service provided by any Executive Search Firm in India.


We believe that every successful person has something unique to share with the world. Spotlight is an esteemed one-on-one interview series of the achievers in the industry which covers their life journey, learnings, challenges faced, and how they overcame them to emerge as successful human beings and industry

Centre Stage

Centre Stage is a much-celebrated one-on-one interview session with the industry experts on specific topics relevant during various stages of industry cycles. It helps other leaders to learn from the experiments of successful professionals who cracked the codes of their respective industries to deal with specific challenges and situations.

Leaders' Book

Leaders’ Book is an annual coverage Coffee Table Book which highlights the Top Key Achievers and Leaders from the pool RSG has interacted with throughout the year. RSG recognizes these leaders for various qualities, initiatives, the impact they created, and the value they added to the industry. The Leaders’ Book is where they talk about their journey, interest, Thought Leadership, etc. with RSG’s recognition for their contribution to the
Economy, Society, Environment, and Mankind at large

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Meet Our Team


Kumar Mangalapalli

Chief Executive Officer


Madhulika Kethidi

Chief Operating Officer

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